Class D

During the Tall Ships Race 2018 DASHER will be crewed by 5 separate crews: Crew 1 – Gosport to Sunderland, Crew 2 – Sunderland to Esjberg, Crew 3 Esjberg to Stavanger, Crew 4 Stavanger to Harlingen and Crew 5 Harlingen back to Gosport.  Each crew will consist of a skipper and 10, of which 4 will be afterguard.  The crews will comprise officers and soldiers, male and female, and on both races 50% of the crew will be under 25.  The crews are drawn from across the Army and will be relying on their military training to bond them quickly into an effective team.  

This is an exciting opportunity for the Army personnel on board, to tackle the North Sea, to visit foreign ports and to meet other sailors and their vessels.  We thank Sail Training International for allowing us to enter and hope our entry will be a positive influence on the Race.