The Vessels 

One great aspect of The Tall Ships Races is that several types of vessels are welcome to participate. Every vessel competes in a specific class depending on its type and size. There is also an adopted ‘rule of race’, a specific calculation that allows vessels of every shape and size to have the opportunity to be overall winner.

There are four classes of vessel:

Class A

All square – rigged vessels and all other vessel more than 40 metres Length Overall (LOA), regardless of rig.

Class B

Traditionally rigged vessels with an LOA of less than 40 metres and with a waterline length of at least 9.14 metres.

Class C

Modern rigged vessels with an LOA of less than 40 metres and with a waterline length of at least 9.14 metres not carrying spinnaker-like sails.

Class D

Modern rigged vessels with an LOA of less than 40 metres and with a waterline length of at least 9.14 metres carrying spinnaker-like sails.

The Tall Ships Races are open to any monohull vessel and must reach the following requirements:

  • The vessel has to be at least than 9.14m water line length
  • At least 50% of the crew has to be aged between 15 and 25 years old
  • The vessel has to meet Sail Training International’s safety equipment requirements